Oliver DeMille

Oliver DeMille has started a great movement and brought into the light a great method of education. Oliver DeMille is the author of a book called A Thomas Jefferson Education. I had a wonderful opportunity over the weekend to listen to Oliver DeMille at the Annual Thomas Jefferson Education forum last Saturday. I have found that much of the power behind Oliver DeMille‘s speech comes from my already agreeing with what he is saying , just that I haven’t taken the time to put the same ideas in to words as thoughtful or as thorough as Oliver DeMille does. On Saturday Oliver DeMille spoke about how we are in a Fourth Turning and the rules of how to be successful have changed. The last group of people who have gone through a similar time are all pretty much dead or senile now. We still need to learn from them. Oliver DeMille‘s primary text to teach from was Our Home, a 19th Century book written about the time surrounding and during the Civil War, another Fourth Turning in American History. It was a good speech. Oliver DeMille has been very ill for the last several months and made a heroic effort to support the forum by being there for the keynote address. I truly wish him well. Comments Welcome


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