New Business Opportunities

For the entrepreneurial minded it can be very tough to think about new ideas and then to implement them.

When you get thinking and using the creative part of your mind all sorts of possibilities and business ideas begin to open up to you and then the confusion and chaos begin.

For example, I typically have about 5-10 ideas a week about how to improve my business or to make it grow and begin to make things happen.  That is partly why this blog is neglected so much.  I have a few other blogs I am maintaining as well.

How do you rake out the clutter from the real ideas  you should pursue?  How do you know when you have hit on a good idea versus one that only sounds good?

The secret is focus.  If you can focus on your goal and see where you are right now, then you can also see how to get there and hopefully what intermediate steps will get you there.  Focus on your goals will bring clarity and knowledge about what you should do to advance to your goals.

Focus matters.  If you have any other tools or methods you use to pursue your goals, feel free to comment below.


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