Helping Friends

So, I like working from home because of the flexibility of schedule to take care of things that come up.  Like a broken water main.

This wasn’t at my house.  It was at my friend’s house a couple of streets over, yesterday.  He is a close friend of mine and not having water to the house can put you in a bind.  Really.

We spent most of the day excavating and pulling rocks out of holes, and trying to pull the pipe loose from the house.  We wildly successful at removing the pipe in about two foot sections where it would break off when we pulled on it.

At the end of the day, an angel appeared.  He is another person in the neighborhood who is a very experienced bobcat driver and he dug out the rest of the trench in not too long of a time when compared to the difficulty the rest of us would have had in using the same machine.  It was nice.

Today, we still need to hook up the line and fill in the bed of the trench with sand and refill the trench, but without the giant rocks.

I like being able to help out when times are tough for people I know.   That’s part of working at home for me.

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