Getting Started

So many people think and talk about getting going on their big dream or goal.  We like to think and dream and wish and talk about doing things differently but then that is where it ends.

Some of the most tragic words are if only, it might have been, someday I’ll be . . . .  Without the courage and fortitude to get started, we will never get ahead.

We need to have a dream with a plan and then it becomes a goal.  We can at least look forward to some ideas and plans and find out what we can do in the next 24 hours to move the result closer than it was.  We can always do something to push our goals forward.  In spite of whatever lack of resources we have we always have the gray matter between our ears.  There is always a new idea or an action that we can take to move our goals forward.  We need to use the ideas and act on them.

Getting Started can be nothing more than dreaming big and figuring out the next action to take.  We need to move ahead and the emphasis is on moving.  Without moving, it is hard to find direction and get ahead.

So take that first step and see where it leads you.


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