Who’s Scrooge?

This blog tends to lean away from political matters, mostly because this is not about politics.

A letter to the editor in my local paper the other day made an interesting, but unfair claim.  The letter writer claimed that Scrooge was a Conservative and only became a “decent human being” when he became a liberal.

Poppycock.  That analysis is sophomoric, inappropriate, and completely discounts the complexity of human beings.  There are selfish and generous people from both sides of the political aisle.  

The question about who is more generous when it comes to charitable giving according to some studies is that conservatives are.  There are articles about this study here, here, and here.  

Perhaps the real question is whose money are you being generous with?  Liberals are generally painted as being more compassionate because they support government programs to help the poor.  Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps, Government housing, and other initiatives are common tools liberals use to help the poor.  The money for these initiatives come from either the Federal Reserve Bank in deficit spending or from tax payers. 

Conservative solutions tend to focus on private donors and giving.  They would have people voluntarily give of their means to help the poor.

The crux of it is that people are far more complex than the labels of conservative and liberal.  There are generous and stingy conservatives just like there are generous and stingy liberals.  Whether someone is in the giving spirit and attitude goes far beyond political leanings.

I hope that people are more generous this time of year and in the year to come because there will be many people who will need a helping hand as times get tough.

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