Kids at Home

So I work from home.

It has its own challenges and rewards.  I am a very happily married man with five kids.

They are 9, 7, 5, 3, and almost one year old.  It is tough to work from home with this environment, but I manage OK.

When all the kids are home, it makes a big difference to my productivity.   Thank goodness my sweet wife is here to clear the deck so to speak so that work can continue.

We wanted to get an early start on Christmas things, so my wife made some cookies to give away for Christmas and my wife decided that it would be a good idea to decorate them.  See, I would probably go for frosting, but my wife thinks it is a good idea to make it look nice and to actually decorate the cookie, not just eat the frosting.   She did a good job with it too, she made trees, trains, rocking horses, boots, snowmen, and other christmas shapes.  

The next step of course would be to divide them evenly and to deliver them.   We got them packaged onto plates, with a clear decorative cover and had them set up on about eight plates.   So before the delivery we had the plates setting out, waiting to go out.  

In comes the three year old.  She of course loves cookies and a freshly decorated cookie is pretty hard to pass up.  When the cookies are not constantly under guard, the mice come out to play.  Or is it when the cat is gone?  Anyway, she took one and licked it.  Frosting is yummy after all.  

The good news is that she didn’t deform the frosting too bad and if you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t notice it either.  So I don’t think the intended recipient of the cookie will mind either.  The 3 year old is pretty well over her cold now anyway.  

Just kidding.  She did lick the cookie, and it was replaced.  We happened to have a few extras.  It is just easier if she would leave them alone, but then again, she’s three and what do you expect?

I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world.  I know you veteran parents are probably thinking something like “just wait until they are teenagers”.   I’ll see about that then, for now I’ll enjoy the kids.


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