So I enjoyed a few days in St. George, Utah over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It was nice.  We have family down there that we have not seen for about a year and a half and we really do like going down there.  

I thought about trying to check my email or do something work related while we were down there.  Turns out that I couldn’t really find a good enough wireless unsecured signal for me to piggy back on.  I have secured my wireless network here so it is not that surprising that they might do it too.

When I got back, I checked my email to see what was going on and. . . .  Nothing.  Oddly enough it seems that people have chosen to also enjoy the holidays and I had nothing work related to do.  Sometimes you just need time off with the family to remember what is important and to take care of the business that matters really.  I have never ever heard an older person say that they wished they had worked more or had more time at the office.  The things that matter are friends and family, all the rest can be replaced.  

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