Trudgery at Home

Is not what I am doing.  I hope it is not what you are doing either.  A great man who also happens to be the President of George Wythe University coined this word.  A Tragic Drudgery would be trudgery.

It is bad enough that what we are doing is boring or drudgery.  Sometimes working at home with a small family seems like drudgery.  There is always another minor fight between the kids, another mess to clean up, another diaper to change (I still have small kids at home) or anything else that becomes routine and by extension, boring.

This is normal.  There are always parts of life that will seem boring and not really worth it.  Where it is a problem and becomes tragic is when none of the reptetive actions are making any difference or progress.  When you beocme stuck in a rut, going through the same things, spinning your wheels if you will, and not making any progress that is a tragedy.

People are on this earth to make a difference and to go forward to future problems and corresponding triumphs.  It is partly a mind game and partly what you choose to do.

If you see something like changing a diaper and only look at it from the perpsective of cleaning up a scatological mess, then it can for sure seem drudgery.  But what if you change your perpsective.  If you look at the task as something you can do to help out a little one that is growing and developing and progressing to someday choosing what nursing home they will put you in, then it takes on a whole new meaning.

OK, I’m joking a little bit about the nursing home part, but if you see it as just another step along the path of growing up and helping your child to enjoy as much of each day as possible, then maybe it won’t seem too bad.

I have been working from home this morning and trying to get free traffic to my websites.  This involves some rather repetetive work that can at times seem even boring.  The idea is not to make every moment exciting and the best times ever that will be forever remembers in the annals of history as one complete triumph after another, but to see the moment for what it truly is.

And by “truly”, I mean Truly, in the way God sees it.  Are we really wasting our time, or are we adding value to our lives or the lives of our families?  Are we developing skills, honing skills, helping people, or otherwise using our time to do good and bless lives?  

The more we work to add value to our lives and bless the lives of others, the more value we create and will be rewarded for it in the free market.

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